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About Jessie

My Story


I’m a New Zealand born and trained dietitian who has worked in dietetics, public health nutrition, non-communicable disease prevention/ control and health marketing throughout Australia, the Pacific Islands, England and the Netherlands.


I am currently a Nutrition and NCD consultant based in Amsterdam.


Consultancy roles have included:

  • Nutrition Consultant - WHO
  • Nutrition Consultant - UNSCN
  • Nutrition Communication Specialist- Amsterdam UMC
  • Campaigns Nutritionist - Public Health England
  • Research Assistant - Oxford University, World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre
  • Non-Communicable Disease Advisor- Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • Wellness Dietitian- Fiji Ministry of Health
  • Volunteer for International Development- Australian Red Cross
  • Healthy Weight Project Officer- Heart Foundation Western Australia

What I believe in

I believe in providing easy, fun, practical and evidence-based nutrition advice and promoting a human rights based approach to creating healthy food environments which guarantee the right to food, and the right to health for everyone. 

You can find my full work profile on LinkedIn, or get in touch here 


  • Masters in International Public Health (high distinction)
    University of Sydney, 2018

  • Post Graduate course in Systematic Reviews
    University of Oxford, 2016

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics
    University of Otago, 2010

  • Bachelor of Science Majoring in Nutrition and Psychology
    University of Otago, 2008

  • Nutrition & Health Communications

  • Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control

  • Pacific Nutrition

  • Public Health

  • Community Development & Engagement

  • Systematic Reviews

  • Pineapples

Untitled_Artwork (8)_edited_edited.png
  • Pacific Guidelines for Healthy Eating During Pregnancy- A guide for health professionals and educators, developed for SPC
  • Eating for Mental Health- booklet which translates the conclusions of the MooDFOOD study into patient advice on healthy eating to prevent depression
  • Pacific Diets- health promotion social media pages and website, developed for SPC
  • Khana Kakana - A health promotion resource and cookbook for the Fiji Islands, developed for the Ministry of Health and Wellness Fiji Islands with funding support from the Australian Red Cross and DFAT
  • Pasifika Plates - a health promotion resource and cookbook for the Pacific Islands, developed for SPC
  • Vili's Healthy Island Adventure - A health promotion resource and children's book for the Pacific Islands, developed for SPC
  • Live Healthy, Stay Healthy-  a health resource for non-communicable disease prevention in the Pacific Islands developed for SPC
  • Healthy Eating after Colorectal Cancer. patient resource distributed by Beat Bowel Cancer New Zealand
  • J Pullar, K Wickramasinghe, Demaio AR, Roberts N, Perez-Blanco, K Noonan & N Townsend. (2019).The Impact of Maternal Nutrition on Offspring’s Risk of Non-Communicable Diseases in Adulthood: A Systematic Review. Journal of Global Health, 9(2): 020405.

  • L Allen, J Pullar, K Wickramasinghe, J Williams, C Foster, N Roberts & N Townsend. (2017). Are WHO “best buys” for non-communicable diseases effective in low-income and lower-middle-income countries? A systematic review. The Lancet Global Health, 5, S17.

  • Series of Case Studies on Pacific Health within: An Introduction to Population-Level Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (2017). Oxford University Press. 

                             - Social Media: a new tool in prevention of NCDs

                             - Tonga Health Promotion Foundation: A multi-sector approach to tackling NCDs

                             - Double burden of malnutrition in Solomon Islands

  • J Pullar, L Allen, N Townsend, J Williams , C Foster, N Roberts & K Wickramasinghe. (2016). Poverty and development interventions that address behavioural risk factors of non-communicable diseases in low and lower middle income countries: a systematic review. The Lancet, 388, S97.

  • T Kessaram, J McKenzie, N Girin, O Merilles, J Pullar, A Roth & D Hoy. (2015). Overweight, obesity, physical activity and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in adolescents of Pacific islands: results from the Global School-Based Student Health Survey and the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System. BMC obesity, 2(1), 34.

  • J Pullar. (2013). Cash Calories: Putting Moderation into Practise in a Fijian Setting. Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics, 70 (S2), 7.

  • J Pullar, A Chisholm & C Jackson. (2012). Dietary information for colorectal cancer survivors: an unmet need. The New Zealand Medical Journal (Online), 125(1356), 27.

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