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MooDFOOD was a five-year research project which investigated the potential of nutrients, dietary patterns, supplements, weight loss and food related behaviours in the prevention of depression. Funded by the European Commission the projects results were released in early 2019.


As the Nutrition Communications Specialist I was able to work with the multidisciplinary consortium across 9 European countries to synthesis the projects own research, as well as the wider field of research to develop evidence-based conclusions on the role of food in the prevention of depression.


Overall the MooDFOOD project found consistent evidence from observational studies that a healthy dietary pattern lowered people’s risk of depression. This was supported by the secondary analysis of the MooDFOOD trial.


There was no evidence that dietary supplements could prevent depression, and insufficient evidence to draw conclusion on the role of unhealthy foods such as sugar sweetened beverages.


The MooDFOOD randomized control trial was the largest ever trial on dietary measures to prevent depression with over 1000 participants. The trial found that participants who attended at least 8 out of 21 behavioural activation sessions (which focused on improving dietary patterns) had a significantly lower risk of depression after one year.


Preventing depression through food


Watch the animated video of MooDFOODs conclusions

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