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Pacific Diets started as a Facebook page in 2014 and since then has gained over 13 thousand followers and a website to match ( The Pacific Diets brand has been taken up by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community. The focus of website and Facebook posts is on promoting healthy local foods and behaviours through fun, engaging messages with a heavy focus on visuals.

Pacific Nutrition

After spending part of my childhood growing up in Fiji, the Pacific Islands have always been special to me. I was fortunate enough to return to Fiji and work throughout the Pacific Islands in non-communicable disease prevention and nutrition communications. Some examples of the public facing projects I worked on are detailed below: 


My colleague Mia Cusack and I worked alongside the Fijian Ministry of Health and Australian Red Cross to develop two innovative cookbooks. The first- Khana Kakana, won 2nd place for best in health and nutrition at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards and has been distributed to over 10 thousand households in Fiji. The second, Pasifika Plates is now distributed by SPC throughout the Pacific Islands. Both are designed as free health resources, you can read them online at the links below.


  • Live Healthy, Stay Healthy: a resource designed to help Pacific Islanders take charge of their health and reduce their risk factors for developing NCDs. Distributed by SPC.

  • Vili's Healthy Island Adventure: a children's book that promotes healthy eating and environmental sustainability to support health promoting schools in the Pacific. Distributed by SPC.

  • Cash Calories: an interactive nutrition program designed to raise awareness of the link between feasting and obesity and promote healthy choices. Now delivered by dietitians in Fiji.

  • Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Pacific Pregnancies: Dietary guidelines for promoting healthy Pacific Pregnancies. Including a resource booklet for health professionals and literature review.

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